What States Did the Most People Move In and Out of in 2014?

January 5, 2015

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"picture source moving corp"

“picture source moving corp”

United Van Lines just released its annual report on which states had the most people move in and out of in 2014.

 And for the second year in a row, a lot of people moved to Oregon and very few people moved out.

66.4% of the moves involving Oregon were people moving in.  South Carolina was second, at 61.4% inbound moves . . . North Carolina was third, at 60.5% . . . Vermont was fourth, at 59.4% . . . and Florida was fifth, at 58.9%.

On the other side of things, New Jersey had the WORST rate . . . 64.9% of the moves involving New Jersey were people LEAVING.

The rest of the bottom five are:  New York, with 64.1% outbound moves . . . Illinois at 63.4% . . . North Dakota at 60.5% . . . and West Virginia, at 60.1%.

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