Nov 30

signs that you’re a procrastinator (FIRST SIGN IS YOU WAIT TO CLICK THIS VIDEO TILL LATER)

Nov 22

hahaha relatable!!!! baby reacts to first taste of broccoli (Video)

Nov 21

grams got jokes!!! (video) elderly man pretends to have flu shot phobia

Nov 18

this 9-year-old nails michael jackson moves at talent show (video)

Nov 17

guy attempts to drink world’s largest pumpkin spice latte WOW (video)

Nov 16

german shepherd loses battle with A STATIONARY NON-MOTORED vacuum LOL (VIDEO)

Nov 15

adorable! 4-year-olds attempt the mannequin challenge (video)

Nov 14

david blaine’s magic freaks out jimmy fallon & the roots lolol (video)

Nov 4

THIS giant spider named charlotte terrifies the internet (CLICK PHOTO FOR STORY)


Nov 3

Teen INSISTS She’s Pregnant With Baby Jesus on Dr Phil lol (VIDEO)