Jan 31

Your friend who is obsessed with instagram stories LOL (video)

Jan 30

Hahahahaha funny video alert! drunk people try not to cry

Jan 23

I want to hire this guy to go with me to disneyland from now until forever!!!

Jan 19

HAHAHA i LOVE THIS SHOW AND THIS PROMO IS COMEDY!! john oliver visits the other shows on hbo

Jan 17

CUTNESS OVERLOAD!!!! diver makes friends with adorable harbor seal

Jan 13

LOVE THESE VIDEOS HAHAHA girl on anesthesia thinks her tongue fell out

Jan 12

HAHAHA AWESOME VIDEO!! kids try to describe color to a blind person

Jan 11

THREE men struggle to remove bike from electric fence (VIDEO) lol

Jan 10

i cannot stop laughing lolol mom laughs as daughter slips on icy driveway

Jan 6

HAHAHAHA FUNNY VIDEO woman summarizes motherhood in 34 seconds