Mar 20

the four types of friends you have (video) Accurate or nah?

Mar 13

Wait, what? a $100 donut????

Feb 15

(WARNING EXPLICIT LYRICS) squidward raps big sean’s ‘bounce back’

Feb 3

HAHAHAHA (VIDEO) married couples take a lie detector test

Dec 14

367 of 2016’s best videos in 10 minutes ENJOY!!!

Dec 12

Jimmy Kimmel show does the story of christmas, as told by kids LOL (Video)

Dec 1

how to escape from handcuffs using a coke can……YUP YOU READ THAT RIGHT! (VIDEO)

Nov 30

signs that you’re a procrastinator (FIRST SIGN IS YOU WAIT TO CLICK THIS VIDEO TILL LATER)

Nov 22

hahaha relatable!!!! baby reacts to first taste of broccoli (Video)

Nov 17

guy attempts to drink world’s largest pumpkin spice latte WOW (video)