Jan 19

HAHAHA i LOVE THIS SHOW AND THIS PROMO IS COMEDY!! john oliver visits the other shows on hbo

Jan 17

CUTNESS OVERLOAD!!!! diver makes friends with adorable harbor seal

Jan 12

HAHAHA AWESOME VIDEO!! kids try to describe color to a blind person

Jan 6

HAHAHAHA FUNNY VIDEO woman summarizes motherhood in 34 seconds

Jan 4

hILARIOUS VIDEO!! do gay people care about john oliver?

Dec 14

367 of 2016’s best videos in 10 minutes ENJOY!!!

Dec 9

single dude dates himself for a week and films it LOLOL (Video)

Dec 2

hahaha check out this video of adults retrying foods they hated as kids

Dec 1

how to escape from handcuffs using a coke can……YUP YOU READ THAT RIGHT! (VIDEO)

Nov 30

signs that you’re a procrastinator (FIRST SIGN IS YOU WAIT TO CLICK THIS VIDEO TILL LATER)